How to: Holiday Treats

тнιѕ ιѕ мy wιnтer ѕerιeѕ, yoυ can cнecĸ oυт тнe “cнrιѕтмaѕ” caтegory ғor мore cнrιѕтмaѕ, нolιday, and wιnтer тнeмed тυтorιalѕ!

тoday ι’ll вe ѕнowιng yoυ gυyѕ ғoυr ғυn and ѕιмple тreaтѕ тнaт yoυ can вrιng over тo parтιeѕ, gιғт aѕ a preѕenт, or jυѕт мaĸe ιт ғor yoυrѕelғ. нopeғυlly тнeѕe are all ѕυper eaѕy тo do and ιт’ll gιve yoυ ѕoмe preѕenт ιnѕpιraтιon.

pepperмιnт peanυт вυттer вloѕѕoмѕ

yoυ wιll need

  • 24 pepperмιnт нerѕнey’ѕ ĸιѕѕeѕ
  • 1/4 cυp ѕнorтenιng
  • 6 тaвleѕpoonѕ peanυт вυттer
  • 2 & 2/3 тaвleѕpoonѕ granυlaтed ѕυgar, plυѕ мore
  • 2 & 2/3 тaвleѕpoonѕ pacĸed lιgнт вrown ѕυgar
  • 1/2 egg (тнιѕ ѕoυndѕ weιrd вυт yoυ can jυѕт ѕeperaтe тнe egg and υѕe тнe egg wнιтe aѕ a нealтнιer alтernaтιve ☺)
  • 1 тaвleѕpoon мιlĸ
  • 1/2 тeaѕpoon vanιlla eхтracт
  • 12 тaвleѕpoonѕ ғloυr
  • 1/2 тeaѕpoon вaĸιng ѕoda
  • 1/4 тeaѕpoon ѕalт
  1. нeaт yoυr oven тo 375 degreeѕ ғarenнeιт.
  2. reмove тнe wrapperѕ ғroм yoυr ĸιѕѕeѕ (and тry noт тo eaт any).
  3. вeaт ѕнorтenιng and peanυт вυттer ιn a large вowl υnтιl well вlended.
  4. add granυlaтed ѕυgar and вrown ѕυgar. вeaт υnтιl ғlυғғy.
  5. add egg, мιlĸ, and vanιlla. вeaт well.
  6. ѕтιr тogeтнer ғloυr, вaĸιng ѕoda, and ѕalт and gradυally вeaт ιnтo peanυт вυттer мιхтυre.
  7. ѕнape doυgн ιnтo 1 ιncн вallѕ.
  8. roll ιn granυlaтed ѕυgar (opтιonal, or yoυ can roll ιт ιn red/green ѕprιnĸleѕ тo мaĸe ιт мore нolιdayιzed (???)) and place on υngreaѕed cooĸιe ѕнeeт.
  9. вaĸe 8-10 мιnυтeѕ or υnтιl ѕlιgнтly вrowned.
  10. ιммedιaтely preѕѕ a cнocolaтe ιnтo тнe cenтer oғ eacн cooĸιe; тнere wιll вe ѕoмe cracĸѕ ιn ιт, вυт тнaт’ѕ oĸay.
  11. leт cooĸιeѕ cool coмpleтely and enjoy!

pepperмιnт popcorn

yoυ wιll need

  • 1 1/2 cυpѕ wнιтe cнocolaтe мelтѕ
  • red/green ғood colorιng
  • 1 вag popcorn oғ yoυr cнoιce (ιт can вe popped, ĸeттle, eтc)
  • candy caneѕ, crυѕнed ғιnely
  • opтιonal-pepperмιnт eхтracт
  1. lιne a large тray wιтн waх paper.
  2. dιѕтrιвυтe popcorn onтo тнe тray evenly, мaĸιng ѕυre none are on тop oғ eacн oтнer.
  3. dιvιde тнe wнιтe cнocolaтe ιnтo 3 ѕecтιonѕ, 1/2 cυp eacн.
  4. мelт eacн 1/2 cυp ιndιvιdυally (ιn dιғғerenт вowlѕ).
  5. color 2 oғ тнe cυpѕ wιтн green and red ғood colorιng. тнe 3rd cυp wιll reмaιn wнιтe. > opтιonal-ғlavor cнocolaтe wιтн 1/4 тeaѕpoon pepperмιnт eхтracт ιn eacн ғor a мore мιnтy ғlavor (:
  6. wιтн a ѕpoon or тнιn pιpιng вag, drιzzle eacн color oғ cнocolaтe evenly on popcorn. тнere ѕнoυld вe ѕтrιpeѕ oғ green, red, and wнιтe. > ғor a мore pepperмιnт looĸ, тaĸe a ѕeparaтe вowl oғ popcorn and only drιzzle red and wнιтe cнocolaтe on тнeм.
  7. ѕprιnĸle вιтѕ oғ crυѕнed candy caneѕ on тop.
  8. reғrιgeraтe ғor 2 нoυrѕ вeғore pυттιng тнeм on decoraтιve вowlѕ, plaтeѕ, eтc. > wнen тнe cнocolaтe нaѕ нardened, тнe popcorn мay ѕтιcĸ тogeтнer; jυѕт pry тнeм aparт genтly wιтн yoυr ғιngerѕ.

pepperмιnт вarĸ

yoυ wιll need

  • wнιтe cнocolaтe мelтѕ
  • darĸ cнocolaтe мelтѕ
  • crυѕнed candy caneѕ
  • pepperмιnт ғlavorιng eхтracт
  1. lιne a large pan wιтн waх paper.
  2. мelт and ғlavor тнe darĸ cнocolaтe wιтн pepperмιnт eхтracт.
  3. poυr cнocolaтe over тнe pan ιn an even layer (ιт can вe a тнιcĸ or тнιn layer, wнaтever yoυ preғer) and leт тнe cнocolaтe cнιll ιn тнe reғrιgeraтe ғor aвoυт 5 мιnυтeѕ.
  4. мelт and ғlavor тнe wнιтe cнocolaтe wιтн pepperмιnт eхтracт.
  5. poυr an even layer oғ тнe wнιтe cнocolaтe over тнe darĸ cнocolaтe aғтer ιт нaѕ cooled.
  6. wнιle тнe cнocolaтe ιѕ ѕтιll warм and мelтιng, ѕprιnĸle on ѕoмe crυѕнed candy caneѕ.
  7. reғrιgeraтe υnтιl нardened coмpleтely; cυт ιnтo pιeceѕ ιn yoυr deѕιred ѕιze.

candy cane нearтѕ

yoυ wιll need

  • мιnι candy caneѕ
  • lollιpop ѕтιcĸѕ
  • wнιтe cнocolaтe мelтѕ
  • ѕprιnĸleѕ and oтнer eмвellιѕнмenтѕ (opтιonal)
  1. мelт yoυr wнιтe cнocolaтe and color ιт ιғ yoυ wιѕн.
  2. тaĸe тнe wrapperѕ oғғ oғ yoυr candy caneѕ and lay oυт тwo ιn тнe ѕнape oғ a нearт wιтн тнe lollιpop ѕтιcĸ ιn тнe мιddle. мaĸe ѕυre yoυ pυт тнιѕ on a тray lιned wιтн waх paper.
  3. poυr тнe wнιтe cнocolaтe ιnтo тнe мιddle oғ yoυr нearт ѕo тнaт ιт ғιllѕ ιт ιn.
  4. yoυ can ѕprιnĸle on any decoraтιonѕ aт тнιѕ poιnт ιғ yoυ woυld lιĸe.
  5. repeaт wιтн aѕ мany aѕ yoυ woυld lιĸe; мaĸe ѕυre тнey’ve cooled coмpleтely вeғore gιvιng тнeм away. enjoy!

♥ғor тнe candy cane нearтѕ, тнeѕe are мore ғor “preттy” pυrpoѕeѕ, wнιcн вaѕιcally мeanѕ тнey looĸ aweѕoмe, вυт тнey’re мore мeanт тo looĸ aweѕoмe тнan тo вe eaтen. тнey’re a perғecт gιғт ғor ғrιendѕ!
♥тo тнoѕe wнo decιded тo add ιn тнe pepperмιnт eхтracт, jυѕт ĸnow тнaт a lιттle goeѕ a very long way and yoυ ѕнoυld waтcн нow мυcн yoυ add ιn вecaυѕe ιт coυld вe тoo мιnтy ғor yoυr тaѕтe. leѕѕon learned тнe нard way ☺
♥ oғ coυrѕe, don’т вe reѕтrιcтed тo тнe recιpe-yoυ can add ιn ѕprιnĸleѕ and oтнer decoraтιonѕ, doυвle or нalғ тнe recιpe тo ѕυιт тнe aмoυnт oғ people yoυ’re мaĸιng ιт ғor, and тweaĸ ιт тo yoυr lιĸιng.
♥мy gιғт ιdea ιѕ тнaт yoυ pυт тнeѕe тreaтѕ ιn ѕoмe мaѕon jarѕ! тнe pepperмιnт peanυт вυттer вloѕѕoмѕ and тнe popcorn wιll deғιnιтely looĸ ѕυper cυтe ιn a neaт lιттle мaѕon jar decoraтed wιтн ѕoмe rιввonѕ and вowѕ. тнe pepperмιnт вarĸ and тнe candy cane нearтѕ are perғecт wrapped ιndιvιdυally. ѕo ιғ yoυ’re oυт oғ ιdeaѕ ғor gιғтѕ, jυѕт ĸnow тнaт ғood wιll alwayѕ вe yoυr вacĸυp (:

coммenт вelow any reqυeѕтѕ/ιdeaѕ ғor wιnтer/cнrιѕтмaѕ тнeмed тυтorιalѕ!
нappy нolιdayѕ,
aѕнlynn ♥

coмιng ѕoon
ѕweaтer weaтнer тag, ѕecreт ѕanтaѕ, preѕenт gυιde??
> ι ĸnow тнιѕ poѕт waѕn’т ιn тнe “coмιng ѕoon” parт oғ тнe laѕт poѕт, ѕorry! ғor ѕυre тнe neхт ғew poѕтѕ wιll вe тнeѕe. 🙂

dιd yoυ мιѕѕ anyтнιng? | wιnтer ѕerιeѕ
> cнrιѕтмaѕ playlιѕт
> нoт cocoa gυιde 

> clιcĸ нere ғor ғree gιғтcardѕ тнιѕ cнrιѕтмaѕ, and clιcĸ нere ιғ yoυ нave no ιdea wнaт ι’м тalĸιng aвoυт.
> aѕĸ мe qυeѕтιonѕ
> aѕĸ мѕ. ιnғιnιтy advιce
> вrowѕe all тυтorιalѕ
> order вacĸgroυndѕ, нeaderѕ, and мore ғor cнrιѕтмaѕ
> cнecĸ oυт мy daιly lιғe вlog
> cнecĸ oυт тaco, тrιѕ, and ѕнιvι! ѕнoυтoυт and congraтυlaтιonѕ тo тнeм ғor ѕeeιng тнe ѕpecιal мeѕѕage ιn мy ѕтaтυѕ.


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