100 Reasons To Stay Alive

welcoмe тo тнe ғollowerѕ’ weeĸ!
ғor every day, ι wιll вe reвloggιng ѕoмe oғ мy ғavorιтe poѕтѕ aѕ well aѕ ғollowιng a вlog and gιvιng a ѕнoυтoυт тo тwo oғ мy ғollowerѕ-тнe decιѕιon ιѕ randoмιzed ѕo тнaт тнere ιѕ no ғavorιng oғ any ĸιnd.
ғor тoday, тнιѕ ιѕ angela’ѕ poѕт on 100 reaѕonѕ тo ѕтay alιve. ι perѕonally really lιĸe тнaт ѕнe тooĸ тнe тιмe тo тнιnĸ oғ 100 joyѕ ιn lιғe тнaт are worтн ѕтayιng ғor; ѕo нopeғυlly нer poѕт ιnѕpιreѕ any oғ yoυ тнaт мay вe ιn ѕoмe darĸ тιмeѕ, тo ѕтop and тнιnĸ ιт oυт. go cнecĸ ιт oυт; ι love angela and нer вlog!
ѕнoυтoυт тo тwo oғ мy ғollowerѕ, jeғғ and нazel, and go ғollow тнeм! тнanĸѕ ғor вeιng a parт oғ тнιѕ вlog, gυyѕ!
тнaт’ѕ ιт ғor тoday, reмeмвer тнere’ll вe мore eacн day ғor тнιѕ weeĸ. ιғ yoυ нave a ѕpecιal poѕт yoυ’d lιĸe тo ѕнare, pleaѕe do coммenт тнe lιnĸ вelow.
тнanĸѕ ғor lιѕтenιng!

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clιcĸ нere ғor ғree gιғтcardѕ, and clιcĸ нere ιғ yoυ нave no ιdea wнaт ι’м тalĸιng aвoυт.
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> aѕĸ мѕ. ιnғιnιтy advιce
> вrowѕe all тυтorιalѕ
> order вacĸgroυndѕ, нeaderѕ, and мore
> cнecĸ oυт мy daιly lιғe вlog

Just Your Average Zhou

1. Recovery

2. The first rain of autumn

3. Stepping on crunchy leaves

4. Meeting new friends

5. Seeing old friends

6. Waking up an hour before your alarm

7. Beautiful sunsets

8. Shooting stars

9. Holding hands for the first time

10. First kisses

11. Catching snowflakes on your tongue

12. Fresh baked cookies

13. Digging your toes in the dirt

14. Listening to the wind

15. Singing your favorite song on the radio

16. Collecting shiny things

17. Birthdays

18. Making new traditions on holidays

19. Passing tests

20. Getting paid

21. Tea before bed

22. Watching your breath on cold mornings

23. Bonfires

24. Traveling to new and faraway places

25. Weddings

26. Touching the lives of everyone you know

27. Finding money in your pocket

28. Hugs

29. Pregnancies and new life

30. Compliments from strangers

31. Smiles

32. Hearing a good song for the first…

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