Happy Thoughts Jar

welcoмe тo тнe ғollowerѕ’ weeĸ!
ғor every day, ι wιll вe reвloggιng ѕoмe oғ мy ғavorιтe poѕтѕ aѕ well aѕ ғollowιng a вlog and gιvιng a ѕнoυтoυт тo тwo oғ мy ғollowerѕ-тнe decιѕιon ιѕ randoмιzed ѕo тнaт тнere ιѕ no ғavorιng oғ any ĸιnd.
ғor тoday, тнιѕ ιѕ мango’ѕ тυтorιal on нow тo мaĸe a нappy тнoυgнтѕ jar! ι love тнιѕ ιdea ғor тнree reaѕonѕ-ғιrѕт, ιт’ѕ ѕυper eaѕy and aғғordaвle, ѕecond, ι jυѕт really lιĸe мaѕon jar dιyѕ, and тнιrd, ιт’ѕ ѕυper ιnѕpιraтιonal and yoυ can нave a loт oғ ғυn мaĸιng ιт. even ιғ ιт’ѕ noт cнrιѕтмaѕ anyмore, yoυ can eaѕιly мaĸe тнιѕ ғor yoυrѕelғ or ғor yoυr ғrιendѕ/ғaмιly. enjoy, and тнanĸ yoυ мango ғor gιvιng υѕ тнιѕ ғaв тυтorιal!
ѕнoυтoυт тo тwo oғ мy ғollowerѕ, nιna and мoonѕнιnezodιac, and go ғollow тнeм! ғυn ғacт-nιna ιѕ мy тнιrd ғollower and ѕнe нaѕ вeen ғollowιng мe ғor over a year now (: тнanĸѕ ғor вeιng a parт oғ тнιѕ вlog, gυyѕ!
тнaт’ѕ ιт ғor тoday, reмeмвer тнere’ll вe мore eacн day ғor тнιѕ weeĸ. ιғ yoυ нave a ѕpecιal poѕт yoυ’d lιĸe тo ѕнare, pleaѕe do coммenт тнe lιnĸ вelow.
тнanĸѕ ғor lιѕтenιng!

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clιcĸ нere ғor ғree gιғтcardѕ, and clιcĸ нere ιғ yoυ нave no ιdea wнaт ι’м тalĸιng aвoυт.
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Delicious Randomness

Want to make a real thoughtful gift for someone? Or do you just want to make someone laugh and smile?

Then here you go! This is a really really simple gift and many people would enjoy it.

 Happy Thoughts/ Quotes Jar:


  • A Jar or any other See Through Container
  • Many Slips Of Papers
  • Quotes

Take your quotes and write them on pieces of papers. Then put them all in the jar. Put a label on it that says something like “Happy Quotes” “Happy Thoughts” or anything else you like. Here are some quotes that you can put in:

  1. When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade
  2. TV Is Chewing Gum For The Eyes
  3. Age Is Something That Doesn’t Matter, Unless Your Cheese
  4. Sometimes The Littlest Things Take Up The Most Space In Your Heart
  5. Life Always Gives You A Second Chance. It’s Called Tomorrow
  6. Be With Someone Who Makes You…

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