Ask Ms. Infinity

нello, ι aм мѕ. ∞, alѕo ĸnown aѕ мѕ. ιnғιnιтy. ι aм a colυмnιѕт тнaт oғғerѕ yoυ мy advιce тo yoυr proвleмѕ. тo aѕĸ мy advιce, pleaѕe coммenт вelow. мy advιce eхιѕтѕ тo нelp yoυ, noт тell yoυ wнaт тo do nor creaтe addιтιonal argυмenтѕ. ι wιll anѕwer one qυeѕтιon per weeĸ, and ι wιll noтιғy yoυ wнen yoυ нave вeen anѕwered. any addιтιonal qυeѕтιonѕ ι anѕwer тнaт weeĸ wιll вe poѕтed ιn тнe нoмe page; ѕo pleaѕe cнecĸ тнere alѕo. pleaѕe do noт ιnѕιѕт on вeιng anѕwered neхт or aѕĸ ғυrтнer qυeѕтιonѕ aғтer yoυrѕ нave вeen anѕwered. reмeмвer, lιғe ιѕ ιмperғecт, ѕo do noт eхpecт god’ѕ wιѕdoм ғroм мe. тнanĸ yoυ ғor ѕeeĸιng мy ĸnowledge and advιce.

~Ms. ∞


50 thoughts on “Ask Ms. Infinity

  1. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    My best friend and I are in an argument over a boy named Kyle. He is adorable, and we both have the sincerest crush on him! He is charming and sweet. We are arguing whom he likes better. What do you think?

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  4. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    There’s this rich, spoiled, blonde girl that I absolutely HATE. But she’s popular and took my best friend 😦
    I’m ashamed to say it, but I’m jealous.
    What do I do next ?

  5. Dear Ms.∞,
    I’m having a friendship/fashion crisis! My friends are spending an HOUR every day choosing their outfit. Don’t tell me! I know, it’s wayy too much time!
    Help me lower their care for their appearance!

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  7. I have a friend problem.. We walk to the bus together everyday but when we get on the bus or to school she acted like she doesn’t even know me. We have know each other since pre k !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    So um, my friend (he’s a guy) told me he has a crush on me e.e And I dunno what to say o-o
    Skye Incorporation.

  9. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    I have a crush on this really cute guy in my English class. I think he likes me ’cause he keeps looking over at me and asking to be my partner when we work on group essays. What should I do??
    Yours truly,

  10. Ms. Infinity,
    I have another problem. Whenever my teachers tells me to do something, my best friend jumps up and does it for me. The teacher doesn’t scold her or anything. I don’t want to tell her because I’m afraid she’ll think that I don’t want to be her friend anymore or something. Please write back ASAP.


  11. Dear Ms.∞,

    Me and my friend (boy) likes me…and I like him too. Idk what to say. So, in school we talk ALL the time. But when were online on gmail, or Facebook or something, we don’t know what to say. I guess im the opposite of other people (most are chatting all the time online, and awkward speeches in real life). And I guess, I really like him. And he really likes me. And, what should I do?

    ~ ❤ ƒ☮яєνєяѕт☆я ❤ ~

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  17. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    My best friend and I are in a fight. She started acting really bossy to me and another close friend so she started to be mean to me. I’ve been hanging around my other best friends but what should I do? Please reply back ASAP


    • Dear Hannah,
      Sorry about not having your own post for this one, but I feel like this should be more personal because I’ve been facing the same problem. I love my best friend, and I’m sure she still loves me back, but we are both too proud to admit it. We are both trying to be strong, trying proving to each other that we could live without one another, but I can’t stand it anymore. I think you should apologize to her. Making the first move takes a lot of courage, and she’ll admire that and forgive/forget. She probably feels a little upset that you replaced her so quickly with other friends, which probably caused the bossiness in the first place, so you should forgive her as well. Make your friendship mend for eternity, unlike me who has given up.
      Ms. Infinity

  18. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    This isn’t a real problem, but if I was creating a blog (which I’m not) what would you suggest I name it?

    • Dear ρяιη¢єѕѕ_ѕтαяℓιηg,
      Since this isn’t a legitimate problem, I won’t create a post for it…hope you don’t mind 😉
      Umm! I don’t really know. It really depends on what your topic is about…make it catchy..? I don’t really have any opinions. Do make sure it’s a pretty wide topic that you can do a lot of stuff on.

      Ms. ∞

  19. Dear Ms. Infinity,
    There is a guy in my class named Cameron. He is cocky, a bragger, full of himself, dramatic, and awkward (these words were used to describe him by someone else, not me). He thinks that just because he got accepted into a private school, he’s so much better than everyone else. Back in 3rd grade, I used think he was just some nice, quiet guy who wasn’t very popular or anything. In 5th grade now, he thinks he’s the smartest kid in the class. I hate him so much! For some very odd reason, he refused to show me his report card grades for this semester. I would think he’d like to show off all his good grades — unless he didn’t get good grades at all! Cameron also doesn’t have neat handwriting and a lot of grammar errors. He even tried to ask my teacher, Ms. Kim, to increase him math grade because it was supposedly his “best subject.” He just makes me so mad, and he has such a high opinion of himself. Fortunately, I won’t be with him in middle school, but how am I supposed to last the rest of the school year with this guy?


  20. Well, actually, he’s only this mean when it comes to grades and schoolwork and competition. I guess he’s okay most of the time.

  21. Dear Ms Infinity,
    The year is almost over and, of course, with my perfect timing I’m finally becoming friends with the guy I adore so freaking much. Seriously, scale from 1-10 on boy crazy I’m like a 9.2. I’m pretty sure he likes me, but I don’t know. We might get separated next year and he might like other girls, so I need to make my move fast!!! Should I ask him if he likes me? If he says yes, what then??

    ~desperate heart sick girl

  22. Dear Ms. Infinity,

    There was a girl who I though was really nice. She’s only 3 years older than me. I invited her and 2 other girls over for a birthday sleepover, and she was kinda rude. She didn’t help clean up, she ate most of my Halloween candy, and for her story, she made up a story about us going into a popular boy bands’ hotel rooms! I told my Mom about it and she said we probably won’t have her over again. But I don’t really want our friendship to end.
    Sorry that this was so long!
    -Nonamacdancer ❤

  23. Dear Ms.Infinity,
    Okay I actually have a WordPress account but I’m too embarrassed to use that to ask you for advice.
    Ok so I have this friend on WordPress. She’s a new blogger but she already has more “fans” then me. And that makes me really jealous. She acts kinda like a snob, and even though I comment lots on her blog, she RARELY even looks at my blog. Basically, I just want to stop being jealous since she is my friend and all but I don’t know how. You don’t need have to answer this since it’s a bit complicated but I just needed to get this out, you know? Thanks..

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  26. Dear Ms. Infinity,

    I would prefer if you reply to this you would call me by my wordpress name talkingdreamz. There’s a blog I use to work on-spefficically speaking a Fantage blog. I thought that blog was great until I searched up on google and found out it copied a lot of stuff. I even made a post about how the owner copied lots of things, but she deleted it! Everyone still thinks her blog is great and has over 10,000 views! What should I do? I want a better way to stand up to the copiers, but if they just delete my post like how people swat flies and just leave the room, what’s in it for me?

    Also, I feel like my viewers on my blog are pressurizing me. I have this new thing on my blog that I have to post everyday. I feel like if I don’t my viewers will be mad at me. It’s like there following my blog and expecting something spectacular every single day. I’m not a robot. I’m a human and I’m going through school. Even thought homework hasn’t started I still have to do the homework for my classes my mom puts me in like English and spainish-they give a lot of homework. What should I do about this? If I post about it they might get a wrong idea.

    You don’t have to awnser to be honest. It’s really complicated but if you have the time I would love to know. Thanks….


  27. Dear Ms.Infinity,

    I love your blog a lot even though I have just started reading it. I would like to know how to improve my blog even more than how it is. I always want to add stuff to my blog but I don’t know what and I’m kind of stuck (if you get what I’m saying. So how can I improve my blog (NOT be like yours, just… better)?

  28. Dear Ms.Infinity,
    School is starting in 3 days. I have no idea what to wear. I have bought lots of new clothes but I have no idea which one of them to wear! I don’t want to be too dressy but I don’t want to go to class wearing ripped shorts either.
    Last year, I wore a short summer dress and I was the most dressed up person there.
    I’m think I will go for a casual look. Jeans will be okay right? What would you wear on your first day of school?

  29. This all started when I couldn’t find my library book for Social Studies and i need it tomorrow!! IT’S ONLY MY FOURTH DAY OF MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! Ahhh! And me and my mom are very close but we had this fight because I wanted to dip dye my hair and wanted a rainbow loom metal hook but i was rude so she wouldnt buy it. and i’m 11 and 140 pounds I don’t KNOW what to do!!! Please help SOME HOW!!

    • Hello,
      Since your problem was a little personal I decided to respect your privacy and answer your problems privately instead of making a public post about it; I hope you don’t mind.
      About your library book: I’m afraid I can’t do much for you in these type of situations; I do hope you can find it. If it’s the content you need, then I’m sure you can look it up online and still get enough information for you to complete your assignment. If you need it to return, all I can do is wish you luck in your search.
      About your mom & your feud: Perhaps if you approach her in a more friendly way by asking, she’ll reconsider. I know personally that being hostile about it will only make her refuse to give in even more. Try apologizing for your rash behavior and with luck she’ll give in!
      About your height/weight problem: Don’t be ashamed of yourself; you are still beautiful no matter what. If you feel self conscious, or if anyone is teasing you about it, shame on them. Always be confident in yourself. ♥
      Good luck!
      xoxo Ms. Infinity

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