You’ve just made a new Fantage account, but now have no idea what to do with it! It’s simple with the tips below that you’ll want to accomplish before you fully appreciate the fun game of Fantage.

Step 1: Complete M and Peabody’s tutorial

In their tutorial, all they will do is show you the world map, Le Shop, and how to buy clothes. Follow them, buy your outfit/board, and recieve more cool prizes!


Step 2: Do the Tutorials with Max in the “Mini-Q’s” section

In the right-hand corner, you will find a red button that says “Mini Q’s”. Go to the blue tab with the section “Tutorials”. Do each one and pay attention! Max will teach you the necessities of Fantage. At the end, you will come out with 10,000 stars, 2 sapphire gems, your first medal, and the basic idea of how Fantage works.


Step 3: Do your Mini Quests!

In the same red button, click on the red tab. You will be guided to numerous orders, such as “Give out a sticker” or “Earn 5 items”. Do your best to complete these! These are very easy in fact; and you earn 250 stars after completing each one. The IDphone section might take some time; some require “Level 30” and “Level 100”. Games are easy; they even lead you to the location. Do the “Other” section, highly suggested!


Step 4: Load up on inventory!

With your new fortune after doing the tutorials and (as much as you can) mini-q’s, you can now visit the shops and buy some awesome clothes to accessorize!


Step 5: Make friends

Fantage is really fun when you play with friends. The more, the better! (Limit is 200)


Step 6: Have fun!

After those simple 5 steps, you are ready to fully enjoy and understand Fantage. Build up your skill and appearance, but most of all-have fun!


5 thoughts on “Fantage

  1. Fantage is fun. Fantage has cute avatars. Fantage is really starting to annoy me because I can’t do anything now.

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