Do you have any suggestions for us to put in a JustTweenThought? We welcome your creativity and ideas! Please fill out the form below, or email me at

You must be thinking…Company Name? What???

Company name is the name I will refer to you as. This can be your name, your blog’s title, your blog’s URL, or anything you’d like that would mean you thought of it! For example:


In this, Imperfection is the company name. Basically: free advertising and credits!

Umm…can I just keep it for myself? I don’t want it to be publicly posted.

No problem! We respect your privacy; just fill out the form and we’ll make you your JustTweenThought right away, whether or not we decide if it’s good or not. We will send it to you through email, where you can enjoy your creativity privately.


Thanks for the inspiration, ideas, imagination, and creativity!



34 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. I sent one but the wording is really bad. Change it if you want.

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  3. I sent another one in! BTW was if my company name was different then the one I JUST sent in then please change it to the first one i sent it. Thanks! Oh and if you want you can change it around a bit

  4. How come my comments are flat and yours are on a crumpled piece of paper?

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