Ready to listen to the most trendy, catchy songs today? You’ve come to the right place-847.2 FM, The Official Radio Station! Welcome!

Our radio station broadcasts regularly; below is a collection of all our posts (some are coming soon) that you can click on and automatically be introduced to the music.

♪ Is the Top 20 for February 3, 2014, Worth Listening To?

♪ The Top 20 For October 14, 2013

♪ The Top 15/My Playlist for June 30, 2014

♪ Band Tag

♪ Top 20 for August 30, 2014

♪ Spotlight the Artist: Katy Perry

♪ Christmas Playlist 2014

♪ Spotlight the Artist: Demi Lovato

♪ How a Song Works

♪ Spotlight the Artist: Pitbull


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