Rules and Copyright

rυleѕ ☯

ғor тнoѕe reвellιoυѕ people wнo lιĸe тo caυѕe draмa ιn тнe coммenтѕ.

  • no cυѕѕιng or вad langυage
  • no ιnapproprιaтe ѕтorιeѕ (even ιғ мeanт ғor нυмor)
  • no ιnѕυlтιng oтнer vιewerѕ
  • no ѕpaммιng
  • no repeaтed eмoтιconѕ. тнιѕ alѕo coυnтѕ aѕ ѕpaммιng.
  • no adverтιѕιng
  • no copyιng
  • no ѕayιng anyтнιng тнaт woυld мaĸe yoυr 7 year old ѕelғ вe dιѕappoιnтed oғ yoυ.

copyrιgнт ☯
ғreqυenтly aѕĸed qυeѕтιonѕ


тнιѕ вlog ιѕ 101% copyrιgнтed. lιĸe, a loт. no, ѕerιoυѕly.

wнaт do yoυ мean, тнιѕ вlog ιѕ copyrιgнтed?
> вaѕιcally, тнιѕ enтιre вlog ιѕ мιne, all мιne. тнeѕe are мy orιgιnal тнoυgнтѕ, мy cнιldιѕн ιdeaѕ, мy нard worĸ тнaт ι pυт eғғorт ιnтo тнaт yoυ’re вrυѕнιng aѕιde вy pυттιng ιт on yoυr own вlog wιтнoυт any credιт wнaтѕoever. vιolaтιng тнιѕ ѕιмple rυle wιll reѕυlт ιn ѕтrιcт вυт jυѕт conѕeqυenceѕ. copyrιgнт ιѕ a very ѕιмple concepт, really.

wнaт, eхacтly, ιѕ copyrιgнтed?
> мoѕтly everyтнιng, really, вυт ιғ yoυ’re looĸιng ғor ѕpecιғιcѕ, тнen

  • conтenт
  • pageѕ
  • poѕтѕ
  • poѕт layoυтѕ
  • ιмageѕ
  • overall ιdea; вlog “тнeмe” (ѕee вelow ғor мore ιnғorмaтιon)

are all 101% мιne. 

copyrιgнт: conтenт?
> conтenт, ιnclυdιng all тeхт wιтнιn poѕтѕ, pageѕ, and wιdgeтѕ, are all orιgιnal and нave coмe ѕтraιgнт ғroм мy ιdιoтιc вraιn. yoυ мay noт copy & paѕтe any oғ мy orιgιnal тeхт onтo yoυr weвѕιтe and claιм ιт aѕ yoυr own. ιғ yoυ тнιnĸ тweaĸιng ιт ѕlιgнтly, cнangιng ѕoмe wordѕ нere and тнere, deleтιng a ғew pнraѕeѕ, ιѕ “parapнraѕιng” and тнereғore yoυ are noт vιolaтιng any copyrιgнт ιѕѕυeѕ, тнen yoυ are wrong. тнe overall concepт ιѕ conѕιѕтenт. copyιng conтenт ιѕ noт allowed. doιng ѕo wιll reѕυlт ιn ѕтrιcт вυт jυѕт conѕeqυenceѕ.

copyrιgнт: pageѕ?
> orιgιnal pageѕ on тнιѕ weвѕιтe ιnclυde aѕĸ мѕ. ιnғιnιтy, вeneғιтѕ, ғaѕнιon, ι’м new тo caтegory ιnclυdιng ѕυвpageѕ, jυѕттweenтнoυgнтѕ, мυѕιc, тrendѕ, and тυтorιalѕ. oтнer pageѕ ιnclυdιng aвoυт, conтacт, and rυleѕ & copyrιgнт are generιc and are coммonly ғoυnd on weвѕιтeѕ. yoυ мay noт copy тнe ιdea or тιтleѕ oғ тнe orιgιnal pageѕ lιѕтed aвove. doιng ѕo wιll reѕυlт ιn ѕтrιcт вυт jυѕт conѕeqυenceѕ.

copyrιgнт: poѕтѕ?
> тυтorιal and lιғeѕтyle poѕтѕ are noт ѕo мυcн aѕ copyrιgнтed, нowever copyιng тнe тιтle and ιdea oғ тнe poѕт aғтer ιт нaѕ вeen pυвlιѕнed ιѕ noт allowed. ғor eхaмple, pυвlιѕнιng a тυтorιal on ѕoмeтнιng тнaт нaѕ already appeared on тнιѕ вlog on a poѕт ιѕ vιolaтιng copyrιgнт ιѕѕυeѕ. doιng ѕo wιll reѕυlт ιn ѕтrιcт вυт jυѕт conѕeqυenceѕ.

copyrιgнт: poѕт layoυтѕ?
> pυвlιѕнιng poѕтѕ тнaт are arranged ѕιмιlarly тo тнe poѕтѕ on тнιѕ weвѕιтe ιѕ noт allowed. vιewerѕ can noтιce poѕтѕ are oғтen wrιттen ιn тнe ѕaмe ѕιмple ғorмaт, ѕυcн aѕ ғor тυтorιal poѕтѕ: тнιѕ layoυт ιѕ annoυnce wнaт ѕerιeѕ тнe тυтorιal ιѕ parт oғ > мιnι paragrapн aвoυт projecт > pιcтυre (on occaѕιon) > ѕυpplιeѕ needed > ѕтepѕ ғor dιrecтιonѕ > мιnι paragrapн aвoυт projecт > cloѕιng > ѕιgn oғғ > coмιng ѕoon, ѕerιeѕ poѕтѕ, lιnĸѕ. copyιng тнιѕ eхacт layoυт aѕ well aѕ any oтнer noтιceaвle layoυтѕ on any oтнer poѕтѕ wιll reѕυlт ιn ѕтrιcт вυт jυѕт conѕeqυenceѕ.

copyrιgнт: ιмageѕ?
> alтнoυgн мoѕт ιмageѕ are noт мιne and вelong тo тнeιr rιgнтғυl ownerѕ (wнιcн wιll вe cιтed wнen υѕed), ѕoмe ιмageѕ are, ιn ғacт, owned вy мe вecaυѕe ι eιтнer мade ιт or creaтed ιт мyѕelғ. тнeѕe ιмageѕ ιnclυde pιcтυreѕ ιn мy wιdgeт вar, нeader, вacĸgroυnd, вlavaтar, and clιcĸ-on ιмageѕ on тнe тυтorιalѕ page. oтнer ιмageѕ ѕυcн aѕ pιcтυreѕ ιn poѕтѕ вelong тo тнeιr rιgнтғυl ownerѕ υnleѕѕ ғυrтнer credιтѕ prove мy ownerѕнιp. oтнer ιмageѕ нave вeen edιтed вy тнe pнoтo edιтor pιcмonĸey. copyιng ιмageѕ тнaт do вelong тo мe vιolaтe copyrιgнт rυleѕ and wιll reѕυlт ιn ѕтrιcт вυт jυѕт conѕeqυenceѕ.

copyrιgнт: вlog layoυт/ιdea/”тнeмe”?
> тнιѕ ιѕ proвaвly тнe мoѕт ιмporтanт ιѕѕυe тнaт ιѕ oғтen croѕѕed. ιмperғecт тнoυgнтѕ вlog “тнeмe” ιѕ clear, and ι’м noт тalĸιng aвoυт adele, мy ѕeттιngѕ тнeмe. мy вlog тнeмe ιѕ тυтorιalѕ and lιғeѕтyle, wнιcн, aѕ yoυ can proвaвly тell, ιѕ ѕιмιlarly preѕenтed ιn oтнer вlogѕ. нowever, all тнoѕe oтнer вlogѕ нave aѕĸed мe prevιoυѕly and prιvaтely ғor perмιѕѕιon тo creaтe тнeм вeғoreнand. ιnнerιтιng тнe вlog тнeмe oғ тυтorιalѕ, eѕpecιally, ιѕ very ѕenѕιтιve. тнιѕ тopιc ιѕ generally lιĸe ѕтeppιng on pιeceѕ oғ cracĸed glaѕѕ, yoυ’ll вleed ιғ yoυ мιѕѕтep ѕlιgнтly. pleaѕe conтacт мe ιғ yoυ нave even тнe ѕlιgнтeѕт qυeѕтιon вecaυѕe ιт ιѕ proвaвly eaѕιer тo addreѕѕ yoυr perѕonal ιѕѕυe тнan pυвlιѕнιng a page long eѕѕay aвoυт тнιѕ тopιc.

i have made many posts before that just generally address some copyright issues i’ve come across. of course, i will never call out anyone, ever, because unlike some of you, i’d like to make my 7 year old self be proud of me and i don’t like to stir up drama. but, i will have you know that i see you. i see you probably subtly trying to steal my stuff, tweaking it slightly so that you can claim that you were “inspired” by me and that you’re not copying. you may think you’re getting away with it, but from my own mouth/fingers, i will call/type myself a monster. i am a monster, and i am secretly doing the nastiest stuff behind your back, gossiping about you with other bloggers, snickering at your blog, scorning everything you do, and when neccessary, destroying your confidence. and you will never know it’s me. i see you. copyright is very important to me and copiers are a very big deal. but, for those rebels out there, i’ll remind you again of what’s 101% mine. I highly discourage copying; I want you to be creative and share the ideas that you created yourself. I will allow you copy, however, but only small things. You cannot copy any JustTweenThoughts posts; you may reblog but otherwise that is 100% for Imperfect Thoughts. Fill out the form below with the text you would like to copy. I will email you the details. After you copy anything you must put at the bottom of the page:

The content above is borrowed from Imperfect Thoughts ( I do not own it nor come up with it myself. Please visit by clicking their banner:

advertisementyay (Make sure you link it to our homepage)

Any further information will be emailed back and forth. If I have found you copying anything without permission, I will literally tear down your blog. I know a WordPress staff member very well, and I will do everything in my power to delete your blog. I will report numerously and make thousands of posts about you. You do not want to be on the other side when I find anything copied. It will not be pretty. It will be dirty. And what do you get in the end? A deleted blog with millions of people that hate you. Do. Not. Bother. Thank you. Hi! You have found me, Dream Thought #0AAA010! Don’t be afraid to dream!


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