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ι’м aѕнlynn and тнιѕ ιѕ мy вlog. 




This blog is officially re-opened! Thanks so much for getting us to 300 views before we even closed! Amazing! Check out the new improvements:

-The new “Calendar” widget. View the latest events!

-Our new “My Status” widget! See what Ashlynn’s feeling and what she’s up to!

-New header

-New theme (Adventure Journal)

-New Welcome post

-New page: Birthday Club!

-The BILD Thoughts project! JOIN TODAY!

-New background: autumn is here!

-New author! Sydnie Crystl, my bestest friend in real life ♥

Enjoy the new blog!



Searching online today to find some cool “welcome” signs and page dividers for my Welcome sticky post…and guess what I found?


That’s right! Glitter Graphics! Many of you probably know about this already…but for those that don’t, this website is amazing! I found millions of page dividers, millions of welcome signs, and more! Cute, animated GIFs, Text Generators, Rainbow Text Generators, and much, much more!

Animated GIFS: http://glitter-graphics.com/gallery.php?categoryID=65 (if you’re a girly-girl like me, I recommend clicking the “Love” section first to filter out favorites)

Page Dividers: http://glitter-graphics.com/gallery.php?categoryID=64

Glitter Text (mostly GIFS): http://glitter-graphics.com/gallery.php?categoryID=13

Text Generator (WordArt): http://glitter-graphics.com/myspace/text_generator.php

Rainbow Text Generator: http://glitter-graphics.com/generators/rainbow.php

Explore more yourself! I’ve given you many choices…so don’t copy my updated “Welcome” sticky! If you do…I will find you…and you know how it goes. If this helps enough people, I’ll add it to my “I’m New to-Blogging” page… Hi! You have found me, Love Thought #0AAA015. Love is the strongest emotion ♥

Anyway, sorry for now posting JustTweenThoughts! I’ve gotten lazy and running out of ideas. Shush…no one needs to know…gosh…

Haha, in all seriousness, yeah, I have run out. Comment below! I’ll appreciate it a LOT.